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feather, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Turquoise and Cream Suede



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Two la earringsyers of recycled suede lea earringsther ma earringske up these bea earringsutiful lightweight ea earringsrrings. Ea earringsch pa earringsir is ha earringsnd cut a earringsnd fringed in my home studio. They a earringsre embellished with a earrings line of stitching down the center. They da earringsngle from a earringsntique bra earringsss french style ea earringsr wires a earringsnd will a earringsrrive on a earringsn ea earringsrring ca earringsrd with clea earringsr rubber ba earringscks. Mea earringssurements: Ea earringsrring mea earringssures 3 1/2\u201d from top of ea earringsr wire. Lea earringsther fea earringsthers mea earringssure 2 1/2\u201d long x 1 1/4\u201d wide.

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