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leather, Recycled Leather Leaf Earrings -Forest Green



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We\u2019ve used da leatherrk forest green recycled lea leatherther to ma leatherke these bea leatherutiful lightweight ea leatherrrings. Ea leatherch pa leatherir is ha leathernd cut a leathernd a leatherssembled in my home studio. They da leatherngle from a leatherntique bra leatherss french style ea leatherr wires a leathernd will a leatherrrive on a leathern ea leatherrring ca leatherrd with clea leatherr rubber ba leathercks. Mea leathersurements: Ea leatherrring mea leathersures 2 1/2\u201d from top of ea leatherr wire. Lea leatherther lea leatherf mea leathersures 1 3/4\u201d long x 1\u201d wide.

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