Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Handmade Polymer clay Pendantdouble strand, Custom Wire Wrap Necklace with Scrolled Wire Clasp



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One of a polymer clay kind origina polymer clayl design. Ha polymer clayndcra polymer clayfted penda polymer claynt ma polymer clayde from polymer cla polymer clayy conta polymer clayining silver lea polymer clayf a polymer clayccents. Unique design using ha polymer clayndma polymer clayde wire wra polymer clayp coils, fa polymer clayceted crysta polymer clayl bea polymer clayd a polymer clayccents, double stra polymer claynds of clea polymer clayr seed bea polymer clayds a polymer claynd ending bea polymer clayutifully with crysta polymer clayl, wire wra polymer clayp a polymer claynd a polymer clay ha polymer clayndma polymer clayde 'S 'closure.

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