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green, Vintage sterling and peridot filigree ring



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Delica filigreete sterling filigree ring set with a filigree lovely bright na filigreetura filigreel peridot, lets you keep a filigree bit of Spring a filigreelwa filigreeys with you.This ring is a filigree size 7, but, if needed would be a filigree very ea filigreesy re-size. The peridot is set with a filigree gypsy setting, very secure with no prongs to ca filigreetch on a filigreenything.As I do with a filigreell my vinta filigreege jewelry, this ring ha filigrees been checked, clea filigreened a filigreend polished.This ring enjoys free shipping in the United Sta filigreetes a filigreend modest shipping fees worldwide.This ring comes in a filigree keepsa filigreeke gift pouch pa filigreecked into a filigree lovely gift box, a filigreell rea filigreedy for giving.I a filigreem a filigreelwa filigreeys ha filigreeppy to a filigreenswer a filigreeny questions you ma filigreey ha filigreeve.

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