Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

marble necklace, Vintage Marble Style Composite Round Flattened Stones and Beads Necklace



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This is a vintage necklace Vinta vintage necklacege Ma vintage necklacerble Style Composite Round Fla vintage necklacettened Stones a vintage necklacend Bea vintage necklaceds Neckla vintage necklacece. Good Condition with norma vintage necklacel a vintage necklacege wea vintage necklacer. Ha vintage necklaces the ma vintage necklacegnetic closure. The Ma vintage necklacerble Style Stones mea vintage necklacesure a vintage necklacepprox. 1 1/4 inch a vintage necklacecross. Very Pretty. All the Bea vintage necklaceds a vintage necklacere very Colorful with Bea vintage necklaceutiful Designs. Approx 18 inches a vintage necklaceround. If you ha vintage necklaceve a vintage necklaceny more questions plea vintage necklacese a vintage necklacesk before you purcha vintage necklacese. I ship to the USA. No Interna vintage necklacetiona vintage necklacel Shipping. I a vintage necklacelso insure a vintage necklacell of my pa vintage necklacecka vintage necklaceges to ma vintage necklaceke sure tha vintage necklacet they a vintage necklacerrive to you sa vintage necklacefely. Tha vintage necklacenks for looking.

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