Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Perfect for the Pisces in your life with a march Birthda marchy between Februa marchry 21st a marchnd Ma marchrch 20th. Neckla marchce comprised of a march thick deta marchiled bra marchss Pisces fish a marchstrology cha marchrm ha marchnging from a marchn orna marchte plea marchted bra marchss ga marchrla marchnd a marchnd gold pla marchted cha marchin. Neckla marchce wa marchs designed a marchnd ha marchnd a marchssembled by Ma marchry Andrews, Brooklyn dweller.DETAILS:Neckla marchce is light weight, cha marchin mea marchsures 19 inches in tota marchl length, a marchnd cha marchrm ha marchngs a marchn a marchdditiona marchl 1 1/2 inches from ga marchrla marchnd.Tra marchditiona marchl Pisces Tra marchits:* Ima marchgina marchtive a marchnd sensitive* Compa marchssiona marchte a marchnd kind* Selfless a marchnd unworldly* Intuitive a marchnd sympa marchthetic* Esca marchpist a marchnd idea marchlistic* Secretive a marchnd va marchgue* Wea marchk-willed a marchnd ea marchsily led SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need more tha marchn one? Conta marchct me if you a marchre interested in multiples of this or a marchny item listed in the shop.* Tha marchnks so much for ta marchking a march peek a marchnd plea marchse ha marchve a march look a marchround the rest of the shop: contra marchry..

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