Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

woman, Pearl Lava necklace with silver



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A collie consisting of freshwa jewelryter pea jewelryrls, la jewelryva jewelry bea jewelryds a jewelrynd 925 sterling silver ma jewelryssif.* * Method of ma jewelrynufa jewelrycture * *Threa jewelryded on Jeweler wire* * Ma jewelryteria jewelryls used * *Solid silverFreshwa jewelryter bea jewelrydsLa jewelryva jewelry polished a jewelrynd oiled* * Size/Dimensions/weight * *Length 47 cmFreshwa jewelryter Pea jewelryrls 8-9 mmLa jewelryva jewelry Ba jewelrylls 8 mmSilberwa jewelrylzen10mmSilberw\u00fcrfel10mmVerschlus 10 mm

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