Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Vintage Silver Tone Round Bead Necklace



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This is a necklace vinta necklacege silver tone round bea necklaced neckla necklacece. It ha necklaces a necklace nice heft to it with ea necklacech of the bea necklaceds strung on meta necklacel cha necklacein. The neckla necklacece is in nice condition with no da necklacema necklacege to the bea necklaceds a necklacend the silver tone pla necklaceting is bright a necklacend inta necklacect. The neckla necklacece mea necklacesures 16"l. but is a necklacedjusta necklaceble down to a necklacepprox. 13"l.

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