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wedding, Something Inside Me Domed Custom Block Engraved Sterling Silver Ring



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Hide your love (or lyrics) a domedwa domedy with this 4mm wide ha domedlf round sterling ba domednd secretly engra domedved on the inside with the inscription of your choice.This listing includes up to 18 cha domedra domedcters, not counting spa domedces a domednd punctua domedtion. Additiona domedl cha domedra domedcters a domedre $0.95 ea domedch. If your inscription is longer tha domedn 18 cha domedra domedcters, plea domedse messa domedge me before pla domedcing your order so I ca domedn ma domedke sure it will fit a domednd crea domedte a domed custom listing for you.Ava domedila domedble specia domedl cha domedra domedcters include a domed hea domedrt, double interlocking hea domedrts, a domednd a domedn a domedmpersa domednd. Plea domedse specify word or phra domedse a domednd choose size a domednd finish when ordering. If you would prefer a domed different width, plea domedse conta domedct me for pricing before pla domedcing your order. Ask a domedbout a domed custom order in 14 or 18 ka domedra domedt gold! Plea domedse visit my shop for simila domedr listings in a domed la domedrger swirl font.

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