Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

link bracelet, flower Link Bracelet Black Enameling white green floral daisy signed Japan



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For your considera free shippingtion is this bea free shippingutiful Ja free shippingpa free shippingn signed flower link bra free shippingcelet. It consist of 7 round pa free shippingnels of bla free shippingck ena free shippingmeling with white a free shippingnd green da free shippingisy flowers on a free shipping silver tone meta free shippingl .It is signed Ja free shippingpa free shippingnlength is pa free shippingnel bra free shippingcelet is 7 inches, with a free shipping fold over cla free shippingsp.width is 2/3 inchThis Bra free shippingcelet Is in good vinta free shippingge condition .there is some minor wea free shippingr on ba free shippingck. the front is in good condition.Tha free shippingnk you very much for stopping by . Plea free shippingse feel free to ema free shippingil (CONVO) me with a free shippingny questions or concerns. Click here to return to my shop a free shippingnd explore more trea free shippingsureshttp://www./shop/serendipitytrea free shippingsure?ref=si_shop

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