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chinesefood, Handmade Chinese Wedding Double Happiness Baked Bun Steamed Bun Red Tortoise Rice Cake Cuff Links Food Miniature Ang Ku Kueh



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Ha foodiendma foodiede Chinese Wedding Double Ha foodieppiness Ba foodieked Bun Stea foodiemed Bun Red Tortoise Rice Ca foodieke Cuff LinksExpress your love for the delecta foodieble a foodiend delicious dish with these fa foodienta foodiestic a foodiend fun cuff links. Delibera foodiete a foodiettention wa foodies pa foodieid to ma foodieking ea foodiech delica foodiete dumpling. Ea foodiech ba foodiesket is different, due to being ha foodiendma foodiede. Assembled with ca foodiere. Limited edition.Ea foodiech pla foodiete mea foodiesures 3/4 inches in dia foodiemeter by 1/2 inches ta foodiell.Listing is for one pa foodieir.Dim sum for the boa foodierdroom or specia foodiel event.For more dim sum dishes, plea foodiese view the rest of our collection.We tra foodievel the world for fun, keeping a foodien eye out for inspiring fa foodiebrics a foodiend notions. We tra foodiensform the finds into unique, sma foodiell ba foodietches of neckties, bow ties, cuff links a foodiend home a foodieccessories. Origina foodielity is a foodiet your fingertips.

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