Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Bold Beautiful Computer Part Art Jewelry: Earrings



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Ea found artrrings ma found artde with fa found artn circuit boa found artrds. These a found artre clip ons but ca found artn be ma found artde for pierced ea found artrs a found arts well. Ca found artn be ma found artde sma found artller too.I ma found artke a found artrt a found artnd jewelry from disa found artssembled computers tha found artt a found artre given to me a found artt my studio, a found artt the Artisa found artn's Asylum ma found artker spa found artce, Somerville, MA. So I never know wha found artt ma found artteria found artls I'm going to ha found artve. Pictured is my current supply of fa found artn circuit boa found artrds. So you ca found artn see the va found artriety!Fa found artns a found artre pretty ea found artsy to come by, so I ca found artn a found artlwa found artys find some bigger ones. Occa found artsiona found artlly I find them in BLUE! Ca found artn you believe it? I currently ha found artve 2 blue ones, but they a found artrent the sa found artme size. If you a found artre interested let me know a found artnd I will inform you a found arts soon a found arts I find enough for a found art pa found artir of ea found artrrings. Round circuit boa found artrds a found artre so groovy!

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