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vintage jewelry, Sterling Cat Brooch Abalone shell inlay Mexico Taxco assay mark 2



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For your considera serendipitytreasuretion is this sterling silver Ca serendipitytreasuret brooch.It consists of inla serendipitytreasurey a serendipitytreasureba serendipitytreasurelone shell into a serendipitytreasure sterling silver setting, Looks like a serendipitytreasure sittting ca serendipitytreasuret the ba serendipitytreasureck is ma serendipitytreasurerked AR 925 Ta serendipitytreasurexco Brooche Alpa serendipitytreasureco with silver a serendipitytreasuressa serendipitytreasurey number 2 on the ba serendipitytreasureck footThe dimension is 1 1/4 inch x 1 1/4 inchweight is 2.9 gra serendipitytreasuremsTha serendipitytreasurenk you very much for stopping by . Plea serendipitytreasurese feel free to ema serendipitytreasureil (CONVO) me with a serendipitytreasureny questions or concerns. Click here to return to my shop a serendipitytreasurend explore more trea serendipitytreasuresureshttp://www./shop/serendipitytrea serendipitytreasuresure?ref=si_shop

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