Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

circuit board, Little purple circuit board earrings recycled computer parts



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These light, (1.12 gra technologyms ea technologych) delica technologyte ea technologyrrings a technologyre ma technologyde from colorful little circuit boa technologyrds. Da technologyngling from surgica technologyl steel pierced ea technologyrring wires. THe little boa technologyrds were designed by a technology friend of mine, but she didnt need them. They a technologyre the sma technologyllest boa technologyrds I ha technologyve ever used. Come with either 2 or 3 circles.My work is ma technologyde of ma technologyteria technologyls tha technologyt become a technologyva technologyila technologyble.They a technologyre limited qua technologyntities a technologynd a technologyre a technologylwa technologyys cha technologynging. If you see something you like, don't wa technologyit they ma technologyy sell out a technologynd most likely never be ma technologyde a technologyga technologyin. Finding bea technologyuty in unexpected pla technologyces - I a technologym inspired by the va technologyriety of sha technologypes, colors, ma technologyteria technologyls, textures a technologynd pa technologytternsfound in outda technologyted technology. I combine these three dimenstiona technologyl formswith a technologylterned ima technologygery in sculptura technologyl colla technologyge I ca technologyll Ha technologycker Crea technologytions. Working out of The Artisa technologyn's Asylum in Somerville, MA since 2012.Visit www.ha technologyckercrea to see more of my work.Check out a technology wonderful video by Sa technologyra technology Pa technologygia technologyro on my About Pa technologyge.If you like it, let me know! Fa technologyve my shop!!

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