Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Plastic 1970s Egyptian Revival KING TUT Pendant & Chainscarab necklace, 70s Egyptian Necklace



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This is a incogneeto vintage cute vinta incogneeto vintagege Egyptia incogneeto vintagen Reviva incogneeto vintagel penda incogneeto vintagent fea incogneeto vintageturing King Tut surrounded by blue pla incogneeto vintagestic. \rThis neckla incogneeto vintagece ha incogneeto vintages the origina incogneeto vintagel cha incogneeto vintagein provided in gold toned meta incogneeto vintagel. \r\rThe penda incogneeto vintagent mea incogneeto vintagesures 2" ta incogneeto vintagell by 1 3/4" wide. The origina incogneeto vintagel goldtone cha incogneeto vintagein is 24 inches long. \r\rThis lovely piece of vinta incogneeto vintagege 1970's retro Deco jewelry ma incogneeto vintagekes a incogneeto vintage good conversa incogneeto vintagetion piece!

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