Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1960s ACCESSOCRAFT Egyptian Revival Necklaceking tut necklace, Silver 60s Necklace w Black Enamelking tut necklace, STATEMENT PIECE



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This is a incogneeto vintage vinta incogneeto vintagege Egyptia incogneeto vintagen Reviva incogneeto vintagel penda incogneeto vintagent fea incogneeto vintageturing Queen Nefertiti a incogneeto vintagend hieroglyphics surrounded by bla incogneeto vintageck ena incogneeto vintagemeling. It\u2019s is signed on the ba incogneeto vintageck on a incogneeto vintage ca incogneeto vintagertouche \u201cAccessocra incogneeto vintageft, NYC.\u201d\rThis Accessocra incogneeto vintageft neckla incogneeto vintagece ha incogneeto vintages the origina incogneeto vintagel sna incogneeto vintageke cha incogneeto vintagein in silver toned meta incogneeto vintagel. \r\rThe penda incogneeto vintagent mea incogneeto vintagesures 2.5" ta incogneeto vintagell by 2.3" wide. The origina incogneeto vintagel silvertone cha incogneeto vintagein is a incogneeto vintagebout 24 inches long. \r\rThis lovely piece of vinta incogneeto vintagege 1960's retro jewelry is a incogneeto vintage grea incogneeto vintaget sta incogneeto vintagetement piece!

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