Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Opalblue opal, Moonstone and Pearl 14K Gold Fill Necklace



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Blue Opa something bluel wra something bluepped in 14k gold filled wire on a something blue bea something blueutiful da something blueinty textured 14k gold filled cha something bluein. Neckla something bluece is finished with Moonstone gems a something bluend a something blue white freshwa something blueter pea something bluerl in the ba something blueck.Length is 16" a something bluend ca something bluen extend to 17"*******************************************************THE MATERIALS> Blue Opa something bluel, Moonstone, Freshwa something blueter Pea something bluerl> Stone Sha something bluepes: irregula something bluer, smooth a something bluend fa something blueceted> 14k Gold Filled Cha something bluein, Wire & Cla something bluesp*******************************************************GIFT WRAPAll purcha something blueses come rea something bluedy for gift giving in a something blue ribbon tied squa something bluere envelope. If this is a something blue gift plea something bluese let me know so I ca something bluen ta something blueg your purcha something bluese without a something blue price listed.*******************************************************DESIGNLike this design but wa something bluent it in a something blue different color, sha something bluepe or size? Send me a something blue messa something bluege for a something blue custom order a something bluend get exa something bluectly wha something bluet you wa something bluent!

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