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Vintage 60's HIPPY Flower Pin / 70's Enamel FLOWER POWER Pin / Your Choicevintage flower pin, one or both



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Offered here is your choice of one or both of 2 flower pins from the PSYCHEDELIC era kawaii brooch of the 1960's or ea kawaii broochrly 1970's. 1) The silver flower with the pea kawaii broochrl center ha kawaii broochs both a kawaii brooch ma kawaii broochtte a kawaii broochnd shiny finish in a kawaii brooch very three dimensiona kawaii broochl design. It a kawaii broochppea kawaii broochrs tha kawaii broocht there wa kawaii broochs origina kawaii broochlly a kawaii brooch stem in the ba kawaii broochck but it ha kawaii broochs broken off. Mea kawaii broochsures just under 2 1/2\u201d dia kawaii broochmeter2) This brooch ha kawaii broochs two sha kawaii broochdes, pa kawaii broochle yellow flower with a kawaii brooch hot pink border!Mea kawaii broochsures just over 3 1/2\u201d long x 2 1/2\u201d widthBut both for $42

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