Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

haskell necklace, 40s Miriam HASKELL BRASS Fringe Chain Necklace & Original by ROBERT Pin



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This genuine, unsigned Miria incogneetom Ha incogneetoskell neckla incogneetoce is ma incogneetode of bra incogneetoss cha incogneetoin with lots of fringe; it is a incogneeto grea incogneetot exa incogneetomple of the elega incogneetont simplicity of Miria incogneetom Ha incogneetoskell. It is in wonderful condition with a incogneeto wa incogneetorm pa incogneetotina incogneeto. The neckla incogneetoce mea incogneetosures 16\u201d in length with ea incogneetoch fringe ha incogneetonging down just under 2\u201d.It ha incogneetos a incogneeto \u201cno thumb thingy\u201d spring ring cla incogneetosp tha incogneetot closes securely.Ma incogneetorried to the Ha incogneetoskell neckla incogneetoce is a incogneeton \u201cOrigina incogneetol by Robert\u201d pin/penda incogneetont. It mea incogneetosures just a incogneetobout 4\u201d long by 1 1/2\u201d width. Fea incogneetotures a incogneeton opa incogneetol gla incogneetoss center stone surrounded by sma incogneetoller stones with da incogneetongling bra incogneetoss fringe tha incogneetot ends in more opa incogneetolescent bea incogneetods.Wea incogneetor them together or sepa incogneetora incogneetotely. They a incogneetore both grea incogneetot pieces on their own a incogneetond ma incogneetognificent combined!

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