Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

lot costume jewelry, Lot of 10 Vintage Jewelry Pieces / Pastel Beads / Glass Cha-Cha Bracelet / RHINESTONE Brooch



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Selling 10 vinta incogneeto vintagege pieces for one price. Pa incogneeto vintagestel pla incogneeto vintagestic bea incogneeto vintageds from the ea incogneeto vintagerly 70's, a incogneeto vintage white gla incogneeto vintagess cha incogneeto vintage-cha incogneeto vintage bra incogneeto vintagecelet from the 50s, a incogneeto vintagequa incogneeto vintage 60s rhinestone brooch, pink mother of pea incogneeto vintagerls flower ea incogneeto vintagerrings a incogneeto vintagend more! The pin a incogneeto vintagend ea incogneeto vintagerring ba incogneeto vintagecks work grea incogneeto vintaget. Plea incogneeto vintagese a incogneeto vintagesk questions if you wa incogneeto vintagent more deta incogneeto vintageils.

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