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Mexican Plique a Jour ENAMELsterling enamel, Sterling SILVER Pendant Necklace/ Aztec Warrior Princess



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This Mexica enameled silvern silver piece fea enameled silvertures a enameled silvern Aztec Princess Wa enameled silverrrior with plique-a enameled silver-jour ena enameled silvermeling. The design is cut out into the silver a enameled silvernd the ena enameled silvermel is behind it giving the piece a enameled silver sta enameled silverined gla enameled silverss a enameled silverppea enameled silverra enameled silvernce. The ba enameled silveril is ma enameled silverrked "TM-190" a enameled silvernd the word Mexico. This da enameled silvertes it post 1980. Mea enameled silversures 1 5/8" height x 1 1/4" width. Cha enameled silverin is 23 1/2\u201d long.In grea enameled silvert condition.

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