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aztec, Tribal Wolf Earrings



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Do you love a faux leather design tha faux leathert reflects your na faux leathertura faux leatherl spirit, but is coupled with a faux leather bit of modern fla faux leatherre? These Triba faux leatherl Wolf ea faux leatherrrings bring tha faux leathert feel. They a faux leatherre la faux leatherser designed a faux leathernd cra faux leatherfted from birch wood a faux leathernd fa faux leatherux lea faux leatherther, then a faux leatherssembled with a faux leatherntique bra faux leatherss findings. They a faux leatherre simple but will certa faux leatherinly a faux leatherccent your style. They mea faux leathersure 2.75”length x 1.625” width

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