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***MADE TO ORDER***This Custom Lea westernther Cowhide Heirloom Jewelry & Ring Box is cra westernfted in pine a westernnd sta westernined. Wra westernpped in a western lovely Cowhide a westernnd Lea westernther pa westernttern with french na westerntura westernl ta westerncking a westernnd da westernisy ta westernck a westernccents.The inside is lined with cowhide, a western mirror a westernnd a western lovely pa westerndded remova westernble ring box This is a westernn impressive a westernnd bea westernutiful box tha westernt will be cherished by a westernnyone who receives it!Mea westernsuring 15\u2033 x 15\u2033 x 5\u2033 ta westernll, Lid a westernnd a westernll four sides covered in coordina westernting lea westernther with cowhide a westernnd ta westerncking color of your choice. ****PLEASE NOTE: Ta westerncking CHOICE in "Nickle" will NOT ha westernve Da westernisy a westernccents but pla westernin nickle ta westerncking a westernccents instea westernd****This Custom Lea westernther Cowhide Jewelry & Ring Box is a western EXCLUSIVE design!Here a westernt Signa westernture Cowboy Studio we ta westernke grea westernt pride in our products, using the highest qua westernlity ma westernteria westernls a westernnd cra westernftsma westernnship. All our designs a westernre unique a westernnd crea westernted by us, AND MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. You ma westerny find replica westerns, but they will not ma westerntch the a westernttention to deta westernil a westernnd perfection tha westernt we use a westerns our sta westernnda westernrd.Plea westernse visit a westernnd LIKE our Fa westerncebook Pa westernge where we post our la westerntest crea westerntions!Any Questions, or need a western different size? Ca westernll 877-349-0001

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