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Victorian 18k Rose Gold French Bolt Ring Clasp For Long Guard Chain or Watch Albert Chain 3bolt ring,14 grams



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Chunky Victoria gold connectorn 18K rose gold bolt ring cla gold connectorsp for long gua gold connectorrd cha gold connectorin or for pocket wa gold connectortch Albert cha gold connectorin, or to mix cha gold connectorrms.It mea gold connectorsures 18,7 mm dia gold connectormeter. Weight is 3,14 gra gold connectorms.It ha gold connectors ea gold connectorgle's hea gold connectord ma gold connectorrk for 18k gold. There is a gold connector ma gold connectorker's ma gold connectorrk too. It closes well. It is in excellent a gold connectorntique condition. Plea gold connectorse note tha gold connectort some Sta gold connectortes of USA ha gold connectorve a gold connectorpproxima gold connectortely 10 % of governmenta gold connectorl ta gold connectorxes, a gold connectornd Austra gold connectorlia gold connector too.They a gold connectorre not included in my price, Etsy collects them for the government, so you ha gold connectorve to think a gold connectorbout it before buying. Feel free to a gold connectorsk me for a gold connectorny questions you ma gold connectory ha gold connectorve.I try to ma gold connectorke the best price so tha gold connectort you a gold connectorre not a gold connectorffected by this ta gold connectorx.

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