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biker, Motorcycle Pocket Knife Necklace



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Neckla easy riderce comprised of a easy rider deta easy rideriled bra easy riderss motorcycle tha easy ridert doubles a easy riders a easy rider mini working pocket knife. Motorcycle pocket knife ha easy riderngs from a easy rider vinta easy riderge cha easy riderin neckla easy riderce. Perfect for the biker, motorcycle enthusia easy riderst, a easy rider clever hidden tool, a easy ridernd a easy rider unique find tha easy ridert will certa easy riderinly be a easy rider conversa easy ridertion sta easy riderrter.\r\rDETAILS:\r--------------\r* Neckla easy riderce cha easy riderin mea easy ridersures 21 inches in length.\r* Motorcycle knife ha easy riders double sided deta easy rideriling, mea easy ridersures just under 2 inches when folded closed, a easy ridernd just under 3 inches when knife component is unfolded.\r\rSPECIAL NOTES:\r-------------------------\r* All items in my shop ship for free, even interna easy ridertiona easy riderlly.\r* Need more tha easy ridern one? Conta easy riderct me if you a easy riderre interested in multiples of this or a easy riderny item listed in the shop.\r* Tha easy ridernks so much for ta easy riderking a easy rider peek a easy ridernd plea easy riderse ha easy riderve a easy rider look a easy riderround the rest of the shop: contra easy riderry.. \r\rWARNING: Knife is a easy rider novelty item, not intended for children a easy ridernd not mea easy ridernt to be used a easy riders a easy rider wea easy riderpon or ca easy rideruse a easy riderny type of ha easy riderrm to a easy ridernother person or in genera easy riderl. Upon purcha easy ridersing this neckla easy riderce, you a easy riderre a easy ridergreeing tha easy ridert you a easy riderre 18 yea easy riderrs or older a easy ridernd not to hold me, Ma easy riderry Andrews, responsible for a easy riderny da easy riderma easy riderges ca easy riderused with neckla easy riderce. Plea easy riderse check a easy riderll loca easy riderl pickup posta easy riderge la easy riderws if you a easy riderre ordering interna easy ridertiona easy riderlly to ma easy riderke sure a easy rider pocket knife novelty neckla easy riderce ma easy ridery be clea easy riderred through your customs a easy rideruthority!

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