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silvertone watch, Vintage Espirit Ladies Watch from the 1980's Era



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This is a silvertone watch Vinta silvertone watchge Espirit La silvertone watchdies Wa silvertone watchtch from the 1980's Era silvertone watch. I purcha silvertone watchsed a silvertone watch lot of wa silvertone watchtches from a silvertone watch Jewelry store tha silvertone watcht wa silvertone watchs going out of business. This is one of the wa silvertone watchtches. It is in good condition with norma silvertone watchl a silvertone watchge wea silvertone watchr. There is sma silvertone watchll scra silvertone watchtching on the gla silvertone watchss, but it is not ba silvertone watchd..I just wa silvertone watchnted to ca silvertone watchll it out. You ca silvertone watchn only see it with a silvertone watch loop ma silvertone watchgnifying gla silvertone watchss. Uses a silvertone watch ba silvertone watchttery a silvertone watchnd is wa silvertone watchterproof. It ra silvertone watchn when I purcha silvertone watchsed it but will need a silvertone watch new ba silvertone watchttery now a silvertone watchs it did fina silvertone watchlly quit running. I would ta silvertone watchke it to a silvertone watch jeweler a silvertone watchnd ha silvertone watchve them clea silvertone watchn it a silvertone watchnd put a silvertone watch new ba silvertone watchttery in it. I ca silvertone watchnnot gua silvertone watchra silvertone watchntee my older wa silvertone watchtches a silvertone watchnd clocks a silvertone watchnd I try to sta silvertone watchte in my a silvertone watchd whether they run or not. Therefore you buy a silvertone watchs is No Returns. It is Silver Tone in color. A cha silvertone watchin link bra silvertone watchcelet style a silvertone watchnd ha silvertone watchs Rhinestones a silvertone watchs per the photo's. A Rea silvertone watchlly pretty design.. It fit my wrist with room to spa silvertone watchre a silvertone watchnd my wrist mea silvertone watchsures a silvertone watchpprox. 7 inches a silvertone watchround a silvertone watchnd it wa silvertone watchs loose. Also links could be removed if needed. If you ha silvertone watchve a silvertone watchny more questions plea silvertone watchse a silvertone watchsk before you purcha silvertone watchse. I ship to the USA. No Interna silvertone watchtiona silvertone watchl Shipping. I a silvertone watchlso insure a silvertone watchll of my pa silvertone watchcka silvertone watchges to ma silvertone watchke sure tha silvertone watcht they a silvertone watchrrive to you sa silvertone watchfely. Tha silvertone watchnks for looking.

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