Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

movie prop, Vintage Heart with Red Roses and Red Rhinestones Brooch



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This is a roses brooch Vinta roses broochge Hea roses broochrt with Roses a roses broochnd Rhinestones Brooch. The hea roses broochrt is silver tone meta roses broochl. The roses a roses broochre a roses broochlso ma roses broochde of meta roses broochl. Good Condition with norma roses broochl a roses broochge wea roses broochr. No ma roses broochkers ma roses broochrk. It ca roses broochn been worn va roses broochrious wa roses broochys on a roses brooch ja roses broochcket la roses broochpel, shirt, blouse, swea roses broochter, coa roses broocht, ha roses broocht etc. It mea roses broochsures a roses broochpprox. 1 1/2 inches ta roses broochll. If you ha roses broochve a roses broochny more questions plea roses broochse a roses broochsk before you purcha roses broochse. I ship to the USA. No Interna roses broochtiona roses broochl Shipping. I a roses broochlso insure a roses broochll of my pa roses broochcka roses broochges to ma roses broochke sure tha roses broocht they a roses broochrrive to you sa roses broochfely. Tha roses broochnks for looking.

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