Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Green Florite Necklacecrystal jewelry, Hand Wrappedcrystal jewelry, Wooden Framedcrystal jewelry, Boho Necklace



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This neckla crystalsce fea crystalstures the best of ha crystalsndma crystalsde Etsy! A unique combina crystalstion of wood fra crystalsmed silhouette tha crystalst ha crystalss been ha crystalsnd wra crystalspped with embroidery floss. Then a crystals ha crystalsnd selected crysta crystalsl ha crystalss been a crystalsdded. An a crystalsntique bronze cha crystalsin a crystalsnd embellishments finish the look. This neckla crystalsce fea crystalstures a crystals Green Florite cha crystalsrm mea crystalssuring a crystalspproxima crystalstely .5”. The wooden fra crystalsme mea crystalssures a crystalspproxima crystalstely 2” long by 1.5” wide a crystalsnd ha crystalsngs from a crystals 15” cha crystalsin. All mea crystalssurements a crystalsre a crystalspproxima crystalste. Enjoy free shipping in this item!

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