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bridesmaid, Large Green Genuine Alligator Leather Disc Earrings



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Cla alligatorssic a alligatornd boho a alligatorll a alligatort the sa alligatorme time, these la alligatorrge green genuine a alligatorlliga alligatortor lea alligatorther disc ea alligatorrrings will a alligatordd a alligator cool vibe to a alligatorny outfit. Dress up or dress down! Cool a alligatornd funky! Bea alligatorutifully shiny a alligatornd da alligatorrk green with silver a alligatorccents. A true one of a alligator kind sta alligatortement piece!They mea alligatorsure 2 1/4\u201d in dia alligatormeter.

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