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hollywood prop, Vintage Large Simulated Pearl Goldtone Chain with Simulated Pearls Brooch



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This is a vintage brooch Vinta vintage broochge La vintage broochrge Simula vintage broochted Pea vintage broochrl Goldtone Cha vintage broochin with Simula vintage broochted Pea vintage broochrls Brooch. Good Condition with norma vintage broochl a vintage broochge wea vintage broochr. No ma vintage broochkers ma vintage broochrk. It ca vintage broochn been worn va vintage broochrious wa vintage broochys on a vintage brooch ja vintage broochcket la vintage broochpel, shirt, blouse, swea vintage broochter, coa vintage broocht, ha vintage broocht etc. It mea vintage broochsures a vintage broochpprox. 2 1/4 inches wide. If you ha vintage broochve a vintage broochny more questions plea vintage broochse a vintage broochsk before you purcha vintage broochse. I ship to the USA. No Interna vintage broochtiona vintage broochl Shipping. I a vintage broochlso insure a vintage broochll of my pa vintage broochcka vintage broochges to ma vintage broochke sure tha vintage broocht they a vintage broochrrive to you sa vintage broochfely. Tha vintage broochnks for looking.

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