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leather earrings, Large Green Leather and Wood Statement Earrings



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Cla leather earringsssic a leather earringsnd boho a leather earringsll a leather earringst the sa leather earringsme time, these light green cow lea leather earringsther dia leather earringsmond ea leather earringsrrings with a leather earrings na leather earringstura leather earringsl wood a leather earringsccent circle will a leather earringsdd a leather earrings cool vibe to a leather earringsny outfit. Dress up or dress down! Cla leather earringsssic enough for a leather earrings little bla leather earringsck dress, jea leather earringsns a leather earringsnd Birkenstocks or to spice up your swea leather earringsts when you've been stuck in the house for six months stra leather earringsight. :-) Cool a leather earringsnd funky! A true one of a leather earrings kind sta leather earringstement piece!They mea leather earringssure 2.5" in length, 1.25" a leather earringst the widest Custom requests welcome.

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