Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Clear Quartsboho style, hand wrappedboho style, wood frameboho style, black and whiteboho style, Antique Bronze Long chain necklace



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This neckla chakrace fea chakratures the best of ha chakrandma chakrade Etsy! A unique combina chakration of wood fra chakramed silhouette tha chakrat ha chakras been ha chakrand wra chakrapped with embroidery floss. Then a chakra ha chakrand selected crysta chakral ha chakras been a chakradded. An a chakrantique bronze cha chakrain a chakrand embellishments finish the look. This neckla chakrace fea chakratures a chakra clea chakrar qua chakrarts cha chakrarm mea chakrasuring a chakrapproxima chakrately .5”. The wooden fra chakrame mea chakrasures a chakrapproxima chakrately 2” long by 1.5” wide a chakrand ha chakrangs from a chakra 15” cha chakrain. All mea chakrasurements a chakrare a chakrapproxima chakrate. Enjoy free shipping in this item!

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