Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hollywood prop, Vintage Barse Sterling and Turquoise Cross Design Earrings



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This is a antique earrings pa antique earringsir of Vinta antique earringsge Ba antique earringsrse Sterling a antique earringsnd Turquoise Ea antique earringsrrings. They a antique earringsre a antique earrings Cross Design. Good Condition with norma antique earringsl a antique earringsge wea antique earringsr. They mea antique earringssure a antique earringspprox. 1/2 inch ta antique earringsll not including the ea antique earringsr hoop. If you ha antique earringsve a antique earringsny more questions plea antique earringsse a antique earringssk before you purcha antique earringsse. I ship to the USA. No Interna antique earringstiona antique earringsl Shipping. I a antique earringslso insure a antique earringsll of my pa antique earringscka antique earringsges to ma antique earringske sure tha antique earringst they a antique earringsrrive to you sa antique earringsfely. Tha antique earringsnks for looking.

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