Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bakelite banglebakelite jewelry, rich brown 3/8" bracelet



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Vinta catalinge ba catalinkelite ba catalinngle in a catalin rich, deep brown. Almost ha catalins a catalin reddish tint to it. Excellent condition, no fla catalinws. 3/8" wide, 2.5" a catalincross the center. Gua catalinra catalinnteed ba catalinkelite. I've been collecting for ma catalinny yea catalinrs a catalinnd know my ba catalinke! The color is interesting. It's got more depth (for a catalin solid color) tha catalinn I'm used to with a catalin brown piece. ma catalinkes me wonder if a catalinnother color isn't hiding undernea catalinth.Ships in a catalin gift box.I combine shipping on multiple catalinorta catalina catalinppa catalinrel

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