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love, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This bra customss ring fea customtures the word 'love' ha customnd-sta custommped in the NATO phonetic a customlpha custombet onto the ring's outer surfa customce. The words rea customd LIMA OSCAR VICTOR ECHO. When you wa customnt to be perfectly clea customr a custombout your intentions, no other a customlpha custombet will do! If you're not feeling the love, a customsk a custombout rings decla customring your own four-letter word of choice. I ca customn a customlso do initia customls, or pa customirs of them.Plea customse choose a custom size a customnd finish a customnd specify whether you would like a custom fla customt or ha customlf-round ba customnd when ordering. Also, plea customse note if you would like the ring to be sta custommped with your own combina customtion of up to four letters. If you do not specify otherwise, your ring will be sta custommped with the words tha customt spell "love".Bra customss will develop a custom na customtura customl pa customtina custom over time. It ca customn be clea customned a customnd polished with a customny commercia customl bra customss polish if you prefer to keep your ring shiny. To purcha customse this ring in sterling silver, go here: http://www./listing/88643107/ra customdio-love-collection-sterling-phonetic

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