Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

monogram, Initial Here Essential Stamped Brass Monogram Necklace



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Ha brassve people guess your na brassme ("Well, it sta brassrts with a brass C...") with this cute bra brassss initia brassl neckla brassce. Choose your initia brassl to be sta brassmped onto a brass sma brassll (nickel sized) or la brassrge (ha brasslf-dolla brassr sized) bra brassss disc. All penda brassnts come on a brass 16" or 18" gold-filled cha brassin.Bra brassss will develop a brass na brasstura brassl pa brasstina brass over time. It ca brassn be clea brassned a brassnd polished with a brassny commercia brassl bra brassss polish if you prefer to keep your penda brassnt shiny.

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