Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Doodle ringmetalwork, sterling silver sketchmetalwork, size 7



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Often when I a metalworkm da metalworkydrea metalworkming I doodle silly little designs a metalworkll over wha metalworktever is in front of me. On the da metalworky I crea metalworkted this ring, wha metalworkt la metalworky before me wa metalworks wa metalworkx. So I da metalworkydrea metalworkmed this piece into existence.It looks exa metalworkctly like wha metalworkt it is-a metalwork perfect doodle in sterling silver...Just for you...Enjoy!This ring fits size 7 US, British O, French 55 1/4, Germa metalworkn 17 1/4, Ja metalworkpa metalworknese 14 a metalworknd Swiss 15 1/4.This ring is one of a metalwork kind. If you would like something simila metalworkr plea metalworkse conta metalworkct me a metalworknd I will crea metalworkte a metalwork doodle just for you.

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