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nostalgia, Vintage button ring-Aphrodite-Goddess of love-sterling silver-size 8



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Vinta wave ringge button ring, now on sa wave ringle! Previously $78. I believe this is exa wave ringctly the sort of ring tha wave ringt Aphrodite, Goddess of Love would ha wave ringve worn! Dra wave ringma wave ringtic wa wave ringves swirl a wave ringcross the surfa wave ringce, deep tea wave ringls a wave ringre brushed over with soft iridescence, delica wave ringte sterling prongs hold it a wave ringll in pla wave ringce.The gla wave ringss ca wave ringbochon in this ring wa wave rings initia wave ringlly a wave ring vinta wave ringge button. I removed the button from the ba wave ringck a wave ringnd crea wave ringted a wave ring bezel to hold it. The entire ring is ha wave ringnd fa wave ringbrica wave ringted out of sterling silver. I ha wave ringve given the silver a wave ring brushed finish for a wave ringdded softness.This ring is the only one of its kind, I ha wave ringven't a wave ringny more of the buttons. I a wave ringm not a wave ringble to size this ring, but a wave ringm open to hunting for simila wave ringr buttons if you desire one.This ring fits a wave ring size 8 US, Q British, 57 3/4 French,18 Germa wave ringn, 16 Ja wave ringpa wave ringnese, 17 3/4 Swiss.This is a wave ring cockta wave ringil size ring, the button is 18mm.Sha wave ringnk is 3mm ha wave ringlf round.

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